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comakid has the rudest ass on Tumblr.

alingmasungit14 asked: pwede pa sa id ?




a. Name

b. Nickname

c. Contact info

d. BEST SOLO PICTURE- dapat square. Not square, no ID xoxo


Asked what type of girl he likes,

And mentioned the word “Pretty” twice.

Then insecurities start to jam right in.

You had a brilliant brain,

And a heart of GOLD,

But delusion seemed to outweigh

Every good thing Abra would’ve liked about you when

You thought you never had any of those

Dashing faces of the other girls that would

Die for Abra just like you would.

You thought, Abra had better chances

Of falling in love with them than

He would probably fall for you

They had thick wallets, expensive clothes,

Prettiest teeth, most colorful eyes,

Most admirable hair, and longest lashes..

But being unlike them

Should never take you out of place

Remember, you are something beautiful

Someone Abra would adore with his whole heart.

Be different, Be yourself.

Chin up, My Love.

(c) Admin Graciela Gail / DarkDeludedPoet



Apparently, I have thought of people who really wish to be more than just a fan in Abra’s eyes. So, I wrote this for all of them. ♥

This is not a poem, by the way. It’s prose, but as a dark and deluded poet that I am, I never failed to imply elements of poetry in my written works. I love the beauty of poetry. I hope you appreciate this little thing that I have made for you.

PS. Please don’t steal anything. Thank you for being wonderful. xoxo, Gail.

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